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Water Conditioners

Water conditioners are essential to use for making our tap water safe and suitible for your aquatic animals. Our tap water may have harmfull chemeicals and other elements that can harm and damage your aquarium and its inhabitants. View our extensive range to suit any aquatic environment that you may be working on, if in doubt send us an email or call us for the solutions you need.

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API® SAFE & EASY - 237ml

API® SAFE & EASY glass cleaner cuts through white, crusty mineral deposits in your aquarium, leaving a protective coating behind to reduce future maintenance.
Formula is safe for fish and plants, and may be used on both glass and acrylic aquariums.
API SAFE & EASY glass cleaner is designed with an economical trigger spray for easy cleaning.
The end result is the pleasing aesthetic of a clean and clear aquarium, and a better underwater world for your fish!


API® BETTA WATER CONDITIONER is a multi-purpose water treatment that instantly makes tap water safe for Bettas by removing chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals, in addition to detoxifying ammonia.
API BETTA WATER CONDITIONER also contains Aloe Vera to reduce stress and inflammation of damaged tissue, and promotes healing and oxygen transfer across gills, as it creates a synthetic slime coat for your Betta that minimizes susceptibility to disease.
The Green Tea Extract ingredient acts as an antioxidant in a Betta’s red blood cells.


SPLENDID BETTA COMPLETE WATER CONDITIONER instantly makes tap water safe for Betta fish, adding electrolytes and removing chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, and heavy metals from regular tap water.
COMPLETE TAP WATER CONDITIONER reduces stress and promotes healing with soothing Aloe Vera. Add 8 drops per pint, 16 drops per quart, or 1/2-teaspoonful per US gallon of tap or Betta bowl water. For tropical fish use only.