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Bask & UVA Lamps

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Nano Bask UVB 3.0 Lamp

Reptile Heating Bulb - E27 UVA UVB Full Spectrum Sum Lamp Sun bathe Heat light for Lizard Turtle Snakes Aquarium Aquatic Reptile and Amphibian.

Repti Zoo - Neodymium Spot Lamp

Efficient output of the daytime light spectrum
The reflecting layer contained in neodymium bulbs effectively increases the pigment of the reptile’s skin
Produces a large quantity of UVA rays and promotes normal activities of the reptile pet
Suitable for daytime use.
$9.17 $8.84

NP - Frosted Heat Lamp (ON Special)

25W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 75W, 100W optional, to meet different temperature requirements.
Aluminum alloy lamp holder, more durable.
The bulb inside the frosted treatment, do not hurt the reptile’s eyes.
Alternate with night lights to keep reptile warm through the winter.