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Ultra White Glass Aquariums

The tank's brilliant white glass achieves a practically colourless appearance with minimal green tint, ensuring the most natural and vibrant views of your underwater habitat. The rimless and braceless design ensures unobstructed observations of all aquarium features such as livestock, rocks, plants and lighting.

With matching clear joints, this tank offers a sophisticated yet simple look that will not draw attention away from your beautiful tropical or marine aquarium set-up.

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Ultra White Aquarium JSL41 Series

This amazing Ultra White Glass tank Suitable for Fresh Water Tropical or Marine.
High Quality and super clear.
5mm glass thickness.
Colour: Clear
Various sizes with out canopy.
Aquarium only
R 330.00

Ultra White Marine Aquarium w/ 3D Background Filter

This amazing 3D back Filtration Ultra White Glass tank Suitable for Marine.
High Quality and super clear.
8mm glass thickness.
Colour: Clear
R 1 549.90