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Small Pet Cleaning / Toiletry

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1L Trigger Spray Bottle

1L Trigger Spray bottle
Ideal to mist birds for removal of feather dust and a quick bath.
Ideal for misting reptile and amphibian terrariums to increase humidity levels
Ideal for air plants or any exotic plants that requires additional misting.
R 59.90

Jolly Design-New Triangle Toilet for Rabbit Chinchilla & Guinea Pig

Triangle Design in 2 colours, Blue and Pink
Easy installation on the corner of the cage to save space.
Size: 35×20×16.8cm
Toilet can be attached on different levels of wires by using the inbuilt external, hooks or tie up.
Heightening mesh avoids direct contact with the excrement, easily removable.
R 278.90

UR - Pet Litter Tray 900ml

Litter tray for Bathing sand
Ideal for all small rodents
Can be used as a toilet for potty training your pet
R 35.90

F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant (200ml)

Veterinary disinfectant is of the utmost importance to keep the animal’s healing space clean and free of bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.
F10SC is a biodegradable product that can be used to disinfect hard surfaces, equipment and airspaces.
R 120.00

Pawise Hamster Dustbath

Pawise Hamster Dustbath
R 77.90


Pawise Dust Bath is a sand pit that has been specially developed for rodents. Rodents will enjoy grooming themselves in this sand pit.
R 117.90


This pooper is developed to bring out the natural instinct of your rodent. In this way, eliminate 1 specific area so that you do not always have to clean the entire cage. Your rodent will quickly choose this environment and there is a need. Ideal for every lattice cage.
R 159.90