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Royal Canine Cat Food

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Royal Canin Mother and Babycat

Recommended for KITTENS from 1 to 4 months during weaning
Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Food now flaunts an improved formula to provide your kittens and gestating/nursing queen with all the vital nutrients they need to shine!

Royal Canin Kitten

Recommended for KITTENS < 12 months
Royal Canin Kitten Food now flaunts an improved formula to provide your kitten with an even BETTER head start in life!
Packed with betaglucans, antioxidants, adapted protein, vitamins (incl. vitamin D), minerals (incl. calcium), a high energy content and special fibers to help promote digestive health, good stool quality, strengthened immune system and to help keep malevolent disease-causing viruses and bacteria from grabbing a foothold.

Royal Canin Fit Adult

The ultimate cat food for your very fussy and moderately active cat. Royal Canin Adult Fit cat food tastes delicious and is complete and balanced with necessary nutrients to meet the needs of your cat.

Royal Canin Outdoor Adult

Balanced and complete diet for adult cats over 1 year old with frequent access to the outdoors, regular activity.
Outdoor cats have a higher level of activity.
OUTDOOR has a high energy content to meet the needs of active cats.
Supports healthy bones and joints.
Strengthened natural defences

Royal Canin Indoor Adult

A diet for indoor and rather sedentary adult cats. Highly digestible, Indoor significantly reduces stool odour by reducing production of hydrogen sulphide; this gas, which emanates from faecal matter, is known to be particularly smelly.
[Royal Canin Study, 2006.]. LIP*: Protein (90% digestibility) selected for its high level of assimilation.

Royal Canin Kitten Sterilised 2Kg

Balanced and complete feed for kittens.
Specially for neutered kittens from 6 to 12 months old.
After neutering, the nutritional needs of kittens change.
KITTEN STERILISED helps limit the risk of excess weight gain thanks to an adapted content of fat and provides a balanced intake of nutrients (protein, calcium, phosphorus) for a harmonious end of growth.

Royal Canin Exigent Savour

The ultimate cat food for your very fussy eater. Royal Canin Adult Savour Exigent cat food comes with two mouth-watering synergistic kibbles - each with a different formula and texture to excite the most difficult of eaters.

Royal Canin Sensible Adult

Balanced and complete diet for adult cats over 1 year old.
Some cats have digestive sensitivity leading to soft stools.
SENSIBLE 33 is specifically formulated with highly digestible proteins.
Extra-strengthened digestive health and balanced intestinal flora.

Royal Canin Ageing +12

Balanced and complete diet for senior cats over 12 years old.
To support healthy ageing in your cat, AGEING +12 contains a patented complex of antioxidants, EPA/DHA and tryptophan which is known for its soothing effects, adapted phosphorus content and it helps stimulate appetite.