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New products

Nubios LED Clip Lamp

Aquarium clip LED light, low power consumption and high energy saving.

Beautiful appearance. Maintenance and use are simple and convenient, affordable and durable.
Long service life, convenient for your life.
Ideal for fish tank, fish tank, coral reef aquarium, etc.

SOBO Classic Aquarium Filter

1. High performance - this structure guarantee the water get filtered by sponges before pumping out .
2. For quiet water circulation and enhancing aeration and water filtration.
3. Energy saving and eco friendly
4. Low noise, durable and reliable.
5. Fully submersible and ideal for all types and all sizes of aquariums.

Coloer Aquascape 900ml Landscape Polyurethane Foam Adhesives Grey

Bonds with rock, stone, wood and most aquarium and pond materials
comes with two color grey and brown that blends into shadows
Won’t discolor like conventional foam – no painting needed
Expands to fill gaps and voids
Easier and less expensive than mortar
Superior adhesion
Fills holes in trees to seal out pests
Use as a craft foam for artificial plants

Aqua scaping 5pc Tool Kit

Black 25cm straight tweezers X1
Black 25cm Curve Tweezer X1
Black 25cm Curve Scissor X1
Black 25cm Straight Scissor X1
Black sand spatula X 1
Tool bag X1

Rabbit / Guinea Pig cage T8-2

65 x 45.5 x 78cm
Ideal for Rabbits, guinea Pigs or Ferrets.
On Wheels so easy to move.