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Bug Water Crystals Various sizes

All insects need a good source of water to stay healthy and active. United Reptiles Insect Water provides perfectly sizes chunks of very high moisture, naturally made Gel Bites. No more water bowls, no more sponges, and most importantly no more dehydrated bugs.

Alfalfa Meal

Organic Alfalfa Meal is rich in plant based protein.
Great for Gut-loading Feeder Insects!

Cricket / Roach Chow

Our Blend of rich variety of nutrients to feed and gut load your feeders insects to thier best nutritional state before feeding your reptiles.

Wheat Bran

Perfect bedding for mealworms and giant mealworms. Increases their longevity!

Repashy - SuperFly 6oz

FRUIT FLY CULTURE MEDIA Our Instant Formula for Drosophila Culture. This Premium Mixture is fortified with Minerals, Trace Elements, Vitamins, and Carotenoids in order to Maximize the Nutritional Value of Fruit Flies when they are Used as Feeders.

Repashy - SuperLoad 3oz

Improved Gel formula now allows it to be used dry, or as a gel. Our Super Concentrated Gutloading Formula increases the Nutritional Value of Feeder Insects.

Repashy Bug Burger

Our Complete Diet for Crickets, Roaches, and Other Insects. Three ounces of powder makes 1.25 pounds of finished gel feed. Feeds AND Hydrates. Calcium Fortified.

Repashy Morning Wood Isopod

Improved Gel formula now allows it to be used dry, or as a gel. Our Super Concentrated Gutloading Formula increases the Nutritional Value of Feeder Insects.

Cricket Drinker

Auto water drinker for crickets
Shallow water trough prevent drowning
Easy to clean

PVC Cricket Keeper / Breeder Box

High Quality PVC Board Cricket Keeper
Keeps your crickets alive, fresh and healthy
Plenty of Ventilation, easy access from the top
Grid at the base to catch all the mess, keeping your crickets away from bacteria
Easy draw to clean cricket keeper without loosing any crickets.
Elegant design
Light weight

Silkworm / Bug / Insect Box Buddy

Brand new and first on United Reptiles!!
The Silkworm or bug box Buddy is perfect for you to keep your silkworms or other bugs, safely and securely in this unique design enclosure.
With an Acrylic door flap for easy viewing and easy access.
Comes with a tray that catch's all the bugs poop.
Also included is 2 sifting sleeves small and medium that you can use depending on the size of the bugs to allow the bugs poop to fall through without allowing the bugs to be in direct contact, better hygiene!
**Note** This Bug Buddy is not water proof. Use Water Gel in a tray for insects to drink from.
20cm x 15cm x 13cm (600g)

Lugarti - Premium Bee Pollen 2.5oz

Lugarti’s Premium Bee Pollen is packed with protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, carotenoids, bioflavonoids and lipids.
It’s nature’s perfect superfood! A great addition to Tortoise salads, Bearded Dragon greens, frugivorous Gecko diets, as well as a gut load for insects.

Premium Springtail Food

Lugarti’s Premium Springtail Food is specifically formulated to enhance nutritional value and boost production.
To be used as a primary source of food for all Springtail species (Collembola).

Cricket Water Reservoir / Drinker

Safely provide water for your crickets without the risk of drowning.
Easy to use and clean