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Feed & Water Bowls - Plastic

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Quiet when pump is submerged
Circulates water for Chameleons and Crested Geckos and provides beneficial humidity to the habitat
Leafy backdrop mimics the natural environment
Replaceable carbon pads filter and purify the water
Energy efficient operation and a 800ml water storage provides 5-7 days of water

Repti Zoo Arboreal Feeder Single

80 mm x 80 mm x 60mm
Can be used as water dish or feed dish
Suitable for arboreal reptiles
According to night activity of reptiles, made of imported cool black acrylic
Can be installed easily to any height of your aquarium.
Easy to install, sucker is fixed
Shining surface, which is easy to clean.

Running water feeder for reptile

- Leaf backdrop to mimic natural environments.
- Replaceable Carbon Pads filter and purify the water.
- Fountain Deck to hold carbon pad and allows water to filter through.
- Submersible Pump with adjustable flow rates.
- Do not operate without water.

Escape Proof Feeder

With a smooth surface design, with the escape-proof frame to prevent pollution of water quality and environment after live food death.
The transparent design allows reptiles to observe the insects moving in the feeder and arouse the idea of predation.

NP Hanging Feeder

Strong suction cup, fix the feeding bowl, stable and not moving.
ABS material bracket, not easy to deform.
Transparent food bowl for reptiles to observe food.
Positive and reverse two ways of placement.


Use food-grade plastic, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and durable
Smooth surface, no harm to your pets
Green color, simulation natural environment
Combine food bowl and automatic water feeder in one
Hidden water pump, practical and beautiful
Double filtration, excellent water quality

Giangarden Reptile Water Dispenser Automatic

System Circulation Chameleon Drinking Fountain Water Dripper for Lizard, Snake, Gecko, Tortoise, Bearded Dragon with 3 Replaceable Carbon Pads(800ml/27oz)

H-series reptile breeding box small round bowl

Made from high quality plastic material, non-toxic and safe for your reptile pets
Black plastic with a glossy finish, polished to avoid being scratched, durable and easy to clean, will not get rust, no harm for reptiles

Reptile Food Water Double Dish Combination

High quality non toxic lightweight plastic
Smooth and easy to clean
Ideal for tortoise and other similar reptiles.

Bamboo Imitation Feed / Water Bowls for Reptiles

Natural looking durable feeding bowls for reptiles in 2 sizes:
SML: 6.5cm x 2cm MED: 8.5cm x 2cm

Double Feeding Water Bowl For Geckos

Feeder and Water Bowl
Feeder side has a lip to prevent feeder insects escape
Light weight and easy to clean
Black in colour
Size: 105mm x 60mm x 30mm (approx)