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Nubios Betta Dual Habita 3.2L

Dividable tank to house 2 Bettas side by side.
Independent space.
Will avoid an unnecessary fight.
Fighting Fish rest temporary residence.
Size: 20.9cm W x 12cm D x 17.4cm H
Available in 4 colours, Black, Blue, Green and Pink.

Sobo Betta Box - Pet Box


Betta Bow Fish Tank 3 TANK KIT

Triple Divider System Promotes Betta Flaring,
2- Color Day / Night Lighting,
Aquarium W/Cover, Blue and White Lights!,
Requires (4) AAA Batteries (Not included),
Under Gravel Filter System W/Carbon Cartridge and 3 Glows in the Dark Plants in the Box.

Betta Tank - Clear

●Place filter grid, waste adsorbing crystal and plant in tank. Fill with dechlorinated water
●Approximately once a week or as needed, drain about 20% of water by opening the water release cap.
●Replace with dechlorinated water.
●We recommend that you replace the waste adsorbing crystal every month.

Double Betta Tank - Clear

Betta-Bow Front Double Tank Kit is the perfect starter kit for owners of a pair of Betta fish.
Double Tank Kit includes an acrylic tank made for picture perfect viewing, a divider, two plants and no gravel. RThe double divider system has a blue tank divider shield which visually separates the two fish when the blue divider is removed; the clear divider promotes the natural flaring of the Betta’s gills and fins.
The EZ-Clean system in the tank includes an EZ-lift lid, a unique filter-grid system, and a water release cap allowing for easier water changes.