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Additives & Fertilizers

In addition to CO2 and light, aquarium plants require nutrients in the substrate and the water for lush and healthy growth. The two basic categories of essential plant nutrients are macro and micro-nutrients. Macronutrients consist primarily of nitrogen,phosphorus, and potassium, while micronutrients include calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, zinc, and other trace elements.

Without supplementation, plants are unable to thrive since natural concentration of nutrients such as potassium is relatively low. The nutrients need to be replenished routinely to maintain adequate levels, especially micronutrients, since many of them are utilized quickly and do not remain available for more than a few days.

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Epic Root Tabs

This product is extremely powerful. 1 tab treats a 10 x 10 square inch surface area and lasts for 2 – 3 months.
WE have tested this product in numerous tanks and it is not harmful to living organisms such as fish and aquatic plants when used correctly.

SCAPE Bac-Up 500ml

Scape Bac-Up has been developed to introduce healthy bacterial colonies into your aquarium environment.
With over 30 different strains of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, at a concentration far superior to anything else currently on the market.

SCAPE Complete 500ml

Scape Complete has been developed to be an all in one system for your aquarium plants.
Scape Complete contains all the essential minerals and nutrients required by your aquarium plants throughout all their stages of growth.

SCAPE Dechlorination 500ml

If you add tap water directly to the aquarium before treating the water, you should add 1 squirt per 50L of your entire aquarium volume.

SCAPE K and Trace 500ml

Scape K and Trace was developed to supply Potassium and Trace Elements to the aquarium plants in the correct quantity.

SCAPE Liquid Carbon 500ml

Scape Liquid Carbon has been developed to supply the aquarium plants an alternative carbon source to injected CO2.

SCAPE N 500ml

Scape N was developed to supply Nitrogen, to aquarium plants, in the correct quantities.

SCAPE P 500ml

Scape P was developed to supply Phosphorus to the aquarium plants in the correct quantity.


Add 5 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water. Dose weekly.


Add 1 tablet for each 30 square inches of gravel surfaces. Push midway into gravel bed.


Add 1 ml. per 10 gallons of aquarium water. Dose once a day.


Feed plants once a month until the water temperature reaches 70⁰F, then feed twice a month. Stop using Aquatic plant food tablets when the water temperature drops below 60⁰F.
Use one tablet for every gallon of soil. Push the tablet into the plant soil, 3 inches from the crown of the plant and 3 to 6 inches deep into the soil.