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Aquariums, Bowls & Complete Set-ups

All aquariums both local and imported is shown on this web site that is available for the most part to our aquarists. Please note that imported stock is limited and prices subject to exchange rates and price changes may be made without notice.

Shipping of the aquariums outside Gauteng is at the buyers risk and insurance is recomended so please do ask for this on check out. Only free shipping applies within Gauteng.

Images shown is purely for illustration pursposes only and does not come complete with fish, plants, decor or any other items that may have been shown. You are buying the product as per descritpion. For any quarries please do contact us so that we may assist.

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This round aquarium comes complete with cabinet, LED and filters.
Stunning high quality aquarium for fresh water use, marine with limitations.
Size: 55cm x 85cm 140L volume

Desktop Mini Acrylic Creative Aquarium Fish Tank

High transparency of acrylic material with security base, not easy to shatter and durable for use. Self-cleaning fish tank for busy/ lazy people, just pour water into the tank and the dirty water will outflow from the tank automatically. This uses gravity clean technology to keep water clean, fresh and oxygenated. Automatically filter water circulation function, no need to change water. square edge design, transparent body with perfect viewing angle, a wonderful decor for home and office. Brand new and high quality; Size(LxWxH): Approx. 16x18x16cm/6.30x7.09x6.30inch

AK-Glass Aquariums (Local)

All glass aquariums ideal for goldfish, tropical and marine habitats.
May be used for other animals such as Hamsters, geckos and the like
Great quality at affordable prices and many sizes to choose from.


Elegant 75L aquarium complete with cabinet, built in LED lights and filter.
Size: 49cm x 33cm x50cm
Additional surge charge due to weight allocated to shipping is required if not collected from our premises.
$323.54 $313.38


Resun Bearded Dragon Kit
Images for display purposes only
Size: 508 x 254 x 332mm
Kit includes;
1) Glass Terrarium with Screen Top
2) Thermometer / Hygrometer
3) Feed Bowl
4) Water Bowl
5) Dinosaur Back Drop
Other décor, lights and substrate is sold separately.

Fish Bowl Clear

Clearer and larger, these fish bowls locally made and available in 2 sizes.
Medium: 165 mm (3L Water)
Large: 220 mm (7L Water)

Nubios Betta Dual Habita 3.2L

Dividable tank to house 2 Bettas side by side.
Independent space.
Will avoid an unnecessary fight.
Fighting Fish rest temporary residence.
Size: 20.9cm W x 12cm D x 17.4cm H
Available in 4 colours, Black, Blue, Green and Pink.

Sobo Betta Box - Pet Box


Ultra White Aquarium JSL41 Series

This amazing Ultra White Glass tank Suitable for Fresh Water Tropical or Marine.
High Quality and super clear.
5mm glass thickness.
Colour: Clear
Various sizes with out canopy.
Aquarium only

Ultra White Marine Aquarium w/ 3D Background Filter

This amazing 3D back Filtration Ultra White Glass tank Suitable for Marine.
High Quality and super clear.
8mm glass thickness.
Colour: Clear

90P Ultra Clear Rimless Aquarium

These rimless aquariums are carefully crafted using 91% clarity Diamant glass, a highly transparent extra clear glass with very little residual green color.
The low iron content in the glass provides uninterrupted crystal clear visibility.
The 45° mitered edges are bonded together using high performance German silicone specifically designed for aquarium construction.
Rather than following the conventional sizing of other rimless aquarium brands, our dimensions keep the aquascaper in mind by focusing on the golden ratio.
The additional space makes it easier to achieve that sense of perspective and truly show depth in an aquascape.
Each Ultra Clear Tank comes with a black leveling mat which is crucial so you don’t have to cut up your yoga mat.